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New York Cabling Contractors offers National Service & Experience at a LOCAL PRICE

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New York Cabling Contractors now offers The Tampa Bay area IT Managed Oursourcing Services

Our Tampa Bay Area Offices are part of a nationwide team of data contractors and network installation personnel that can be mobilized anytime, anywhere and will provide you with structured cabling, network cabling, telephone systems, fiber optic cabling, testing & certification and much more at a very competitive price.

New York Cabling Contractors Communications now offers The Tampa Bay area Tampa System Integration services, including complete end to end Tampa System Integration from providing a future proof structured cabling infrastructure, to tying in your PC's, server, to a VOIP network, including setting up SANS, security, firewalls, and integrating all this to your exizting or a state of the art Nortel or other state of the art telephone system. We offer our Tampa Network Integration,and and Tampa Data Contractor and cabling services in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Florida, Bradenton, Orlando, and surrounding counties of the Tampa Bay region. We also have additional facilities located throughout the rest of Florida, Just call us and we'll arrange a no-cost obligation meeting to determine your telecommunications needs and offer you a very competitive quote.

We will bid telecommunications contracts in other areas in Florida on a project basis. New York Cabling Contractors is s Tampa system integrator with offices in California and Florida are part of a nationwide team of network integration and system integration personnel that can be mobilized anytime, anywhere in the US. New York Cabling Contractors specializes in all areas of Network Integration from the central office to the desktop. We can offer you design or design- build services at affordable rates. Our network integration specialists are backed by seasoned teams of administrators, project managers, and technicians who are equipped to handle virtually any network installation project. We can provide your company with complete OSI level 1-7 services including structured cabling services to DSL, wireless, VOIP , and installation of firewalls.Our established relationships with leading vendors also assure the best possible service and quality equipment is provided to our customers.All CAT 5e and CAT 6 & fiber optic cabling system designs are reviewed and installations quality checked by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).

California Offices Northern CA (925) 944-0777

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Tampa Bay - St. Pete, Florida Offices (727) 547-2200

New York Cabling Contractors Communications has BICSI certified installers fully versed in fiber optic distribution designs and installations for a wide range of fiber optic network applications. We can help you integrate data and telecommunication networks over fiber effectively .

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  • Tampa Quick response time - two to four hours for emergency situations- We also offer immediate telephone-toll-free technical support contracts with RMAT diagnostics.
  • We will work with your company's budget to offer you a very competitive rate structure for any or all our services

Our certified RCDD, Certified Network Specialist and BICSI Technicians work as team to bring the latest fiber optic technologies to our customers. We provide design, installation , and certifications for all fiber optic cabling system installations in central offices, POP sites, commercial, and residential sites. We have special programs for developer- builders for Smart Home- FTTH-FTTC- Fiber To The Home- Fiber To The Curb Projects.

Our certified RCDDs and LAN/WAN Specialists work closely with contractors and end users to deliver the latest cabling technologies that best suit the needed applications.

All fiber optic cabling system designs are reviewed and installations quality checked by a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). This is a professional designation of the Building Industry Consulting Services InterTampa (BICSI).

This is a professional designation of the Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI). We ensure that the fiber optic cabling system design, components, and workmanship comply with the standards and practices of BICSI. These standards and practices are elaborated in the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, and the EIA/TIA Telecommunications Building Wiring Standard.

New York Cabling Contractors Communications has been serving California, Nevada and Florida with a variety of telecommunications services since 1998. As an OSP & structured cabling contractor- systems integrator we are also a certified Cisco CCIE and value added partner of several manufacturers. New York Cabling Contractors can offer you the highest quality of services at extremely competitive rates.

Our Technical Expertise has provided our customers on both coasts with state of the art solutions for corporations, residential smart home builders-homeowners,commercial builders, developers, utilities, CLEC's ILEC's, and RBOC phone companies.


New York Cabling Contractorscan provide complete design build services for OSP- underground projects, data centers, commercial buildings, utility and the residential "Smart Home" market. New York Cabling Contractors has a wide range of services includes professional fiber optic installation, structured cabling, network design and installation, data center/CO-location services, IT contract services, underground services including directional boring, telephone systems, and residential Smart Home Cabling, security, and technology.
New York Cabling Contractorsis a certified Leviton partner of cabling services for the residential and commercial markets where we can offer extended cabling warranties.
New York Cabling Contractorscan provide you with IP (voice/data over the Internet), video systems, network security including software and firewalls.
New York Cabling Contractors is an agent for local phone and long distance services that can offer you competitive services through our partner companies.

Outside Plant Installation
With our extensive knowledge of Outside Plant(OSP) installation techniques and multiple
partnerships, Cricket Fiber can meet all of your OSP installation needs.

Aerial Cable Installation/Splicing

We have the proper equipment to provide our customers with all of their aerial installation needs.
From"Bucket vans" to "mobile splicing labs" we can assist our customer in any aerial installation
requirement. For long haul and large metropolitan systems alike we have partnerships with
multiple aerial construction contractors who can be utilized in any size build, at no additional cost
to our customers. This cost would be embedded into our original bid with discounted rates
attached from our vendor.

Underground Installation

We have the proper equipment and know how to assist our customer in the installation of cable
in their underground networks, no matter what the application may be. From metropolitan rings
to multiple tie-ins we can assist in implementing any underground network required by our
customers. We also have partnerships with underground construction contractors who specialize
in the "cable blowing" and directional boring methods of installation. With years of experience in
working with existing optical networks we can assist in "hot cuts", "head-end & POP tie-ins", and
are very attentive to traffic sensitive services. We can also provide 24/7 restoration services to
all of our clients

Lateral Cable Placement
We have the knowledge of both OSP & ISP cable placement to ensure that all of your lateral
cable placement needs are met. From the OSP to the stringent requirements of ISP applications
we can assure all codes and standards are met. We will ensure that your lateral cable meets all
of the required building and fire codes as it enters your facility and we will work with the proper
building engineering personnel to ensure you receive an acceptable standard of installation.
Performing the transition from OSP to ISP, with it's many variables can be a major task and we
can assist you with ensuring your success in this endeavor.

Inside Plant Installation
With all of our background of Inside Plant(ISP) installation techniques and multiple partnerships,
Cricket Fiber can meet all of your ISP cabling needs. From ISP FOC to ISP Copper we can
provide any ISP installation required. Ranging from LAN/WAN cabled networks to CATV cabling
we can help you in all of your ISP endeavors.

Copper Cable Installation

Cricket Fiber Services can assist you in installing the latest state of the art copper cabling
system. Ranging from CAT 5e/CAT 6 data cabling to coaxial video and audio, and voice
cabling we can help. We are experienced in the latest copper cable installation and testing
requirements set down by the EIA/TIA requirements. We will also assist in the installation of
any security cabling requirements as requested by the customer.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Whether you require a LAN, Campus/WAN, Metropolitan Ring or Long Haul WAN, Cricket Fiber
Services can assist you in all of the FOC installation requirements. Ranging from cable
placement to fiber termination, to include , splicing, connector termination, pigtail termination,
pre-terminated fan outs and network testing, we can assist you in every aspect of your ISP
installation. We are knowledgeable of all EIA/TIA, IEEE, ISO, and NEC installation, termination,
and testing standards and will ensure all requirements are met.

Splicing & Termination Services

Splicing Services

Specializing in all types of fiber optic splicing and termination techniques, in both multi-mode
and single-mode applications Cricket Fiber can provide the following services.

Single Fiber Splicing
Cricket Fiber utilizes the latest state of the art single fiber fusion splicing machines. Our
preferred splicing machine is the Sumitomo Type 36. We will also perform mechanical
splices on request.

Mass Fusion Splicing
Cricket Fiber utilizes the latest state of the art ribbon fiber splicing machine. Our preferred
splicing machine is the Sumitomo Type 63. We can perform 2,4,6,8,10,or 12 fiber ribbon
splicing. We will perform mechanical ribbon spicing upon request.


EPOXY Connector Terminations
Two-part epoxy
UV Epoxy
Hand polishing (non UPC)
Machine Polishing (UPC or better)

Spliced Factory Terminated Connector Terminations
Pigtail splicing
Multi-fiber fan out splicing

Field Verification

For networks that have little or no documentation, or the current records are suspect,New York Cabling Contractors can supply field crews to verify and document your existing cable plant.

Cable Route Verification

New York Cabling Contractors will visually identify the cable route to the correct side of the street. Our inspectors use as-built documentation (provided by you) to find the approximate location. If the cable is aerial, a visual verification is easily accomplished. However, if the cable is underground, the task of route verification becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to follow the exact route. If this is the case, we will use known splice locations to help identify the route of the cable.

Closures Location Verification

At each splice closure New York Cabling Contractors will identify the location, take a digital photograph, and record the sequential numbers and part numbers on each cable entering the closure. We will also identify the type of closure and the number of available ports. New York Cabling Contractors does not open the closure unless specifically directed by the customer to do so.
Splicing Verification

If it becomes necessary to open the closure in order to identify spliced cables, an additional expense will be incurred. Our policy is not to open closures because the fibers contained therein may be difficult to follow and may require some movement of the fiber, thus increasing the possibility of a service disruption. If New York Cabling Contractors is required to open a closure, a van or comparable equipment must be present so that the fibers will not be exposed to outdoor conditions. We will use considerable caution when performing tasks. However, New York Cabling Contractors cannot be held responsible for any service disruptions that may occur because of performing this task.

Panel Location Verification

New York Cabling Contractors will verify the location of the structure where fiber distribution panels are located. We will take digital photographs of the outside of the structure and the fiber distribution panels within. We will record the sequential numbers on the cable at the panel, the type of panel, its relative location within the structure, the part number of the cable, and determine which jacks within the panel have fibers connected to the back of them. We will avoid touching any fibers in the back of the panels

Interconnect Services

  • Telephone Systems- We Service Most PBX & Key Systems
  • PBX Installation & Programming
  • Project Management
  • Ask Us About Our Quality -Guaranteed Refurbished Telephone Systems - Save More Than 80% Over A New Phone System


Telecommunications Cost Burden Audits and Cost Savings Analysis
Wide Area Voice Connectivity and Data Integration Solutions
PBX Systems Integration and Management
Voice Over Internet Technologies and Implementation
Call Center Design, Load Balancing and Software Based Management Solutions.
Unified Voice Messaging and Management Solutions
Wiring Infrastructure Analysis and Specifications
Local Voice Service Provisioning
Long Distance Voice Service Provisioning
Leased Line and Data Connectivity Service Provisioning


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