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Whether your company is a small or medium-sized business or large, corporate enterprise, make your migration to Gigabit Ethenet Switch Insallations and 10 Gigabit Ethernet faster and easier with these products from Wideband, Allied Telesyn, Telco Systems, Netgear,Intel and Cisco. All our gigabit ethernet switches are tested for proven interoperability. With Gigabit Ethernet Switches and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch networking products from Intel and Cisco, it's simple to bring the performance of Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet to your servers, desktops and storage networks .

Tests and existing system cutovers prove that you can get gigabit performance up to and over 200 meters using existing CAT 5 cable. Furthermore- Wideband can get 200 meter gigabit performance using using CAT 3 CABLE! New York Cabling Contractors does not recommend using "CAT 3 cable" as in the future- other cabling standards (such as CAT 7 and beyond) may not be acheived over CAT 3 cable. You- the customer should however be aware that this gigabit performance is available for you today- if you need the performance- but do not have the finances/ or physical limitations to remove your old cable plant - and replace it with CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable.The Gigabit Market
A revolution is taking place in networks today. Just as 100BASE-T displaced 10BASE-T as the networking standard, now 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet over copper) is taking over as the most common type of networking installed. According to industry analyst firm IDC, worldwide sales of Gigabit Ethernet are already now exceeding those of 10/100 Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is not just for the enterprise anymore. Conscious buyers in medium and small businesses also see Gigabit as the best price/performance networking technology. As yet, no clear leader has emerged as the solution for this new type of Gigabit user.

Cabling Problems
Not all Gigabit equipment is created equal. Throughout the early days of Gigabit adoption, users have often been warned of its failings on copper cabling. These physical layer issues were shown to cause bandwidth losses as high as 85% on some segments. New cable standards including Category 5e and Category 6 were ratified in answer to the problem, yet retransmissions continue to plague many Gigabit products.

eGig's Enhanced Gigabit
New advancements in technology and innovative designs have allowed eGig to introduce a new line of Gigabit Ethernet products with the ability to not only "work" on copper cabling but to provide full Gigabit bandwidth. Available in several sizes and port configurations, this product line is changing the way users in small and medium sized networks look at what Gigabit performance means.

Reliability Shows
The technologies found in eGig's Gigabit products show not just in their performance but also in their resiliency and reliability. Many network segments that are intermittent using other products become stable when eGig products are used. After eGig equipment is installed, it runs and runs.

More than just Gigabit
Customers looking for a network manufacturer to provide a total solution will be pleased to learn that eGig products cover a wide spectrum of solutions. eGig solutions also include 10/100 Products, Broadband Routers, Firewalls, Wireless, Storage and Mobile Computing.

Quality Products
Today's sophisticated network users are more concerned than ever about the quality of the computer products they buy. Too many have experienced the aggravation and loss of time that a lower quality product can cause. Now even price-conscious buyers are looking for quality as a higher priority than even the price.

Incredible Prices
Many networking vendors buy their products from distributors in Asia who buy the products from the actual manufacturers. Then the vendor sells the product to local distributors who sell to VARs who then finally sell to the end user. eGig bypasses distribution on both ends and sells directly to VARs. This translates into lower prices to the end user and better support since some margin is left for the Reseller involved.

Tier-1 Support
When calling for tech support at other vendors, it is not uncommon for a customer to wait on hold for 45 minutes before speaking to a person, only to be told that a specialist will have to call them back within a few days. Off shore attendants are often also hard for some customers to understand because of language barriers. eGig provides US based enterprise-class tech support and customer service even to very small network users. Customers calling eGig support get right to a real person who can answer their questions with access to product engineering personnel when needed.

Recent developments have changed the way the industry looks at Gigabit Ethernet switching. Cost barriers and problems working on existing wiring have been eliminated, resulting in widespread adoption. See what applications are driving Gigabit Ethernet deployment, how productivity is being increased and what migration strategies are recommended. New York Cabling Contractors installs the Wideband family of gigabit ethernet switches, SMC gigabit ethernet switches, Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Cisco Gigabit Ethernet Switches, 3Com Gigabit ethernet switches , Nortel gigabit ethernet switches and HP gigabit Ethernet switches.

New York Cabling Contractors Gigabit Switch- Fast Ethernet Network Installations

New York Cabling Contractors Communications has been installing networks and switches in the Bay Area for years. New York Cabling Contractors has been recently approved as a certified Wideband switch reseller. The Wideband gigabit ehthernet switches ae the only switches in the world that can deliver gigabit ethernet withour rewiring that will save your company thousands of dollars. We can install a multitude of switches ranging fom Cisco, Telco Systems, Allied Telesyn, Extreme, Vanguard (and many more) from a layer 2 switch, to a layer 3 switch , to carrier grade switches.

We can install a switch that you provide at very competitive rates or offer you other switching solutions from other manufacturers- including refurbished - fully warrantied swiches. In either case you will be assured that New York Cabling Contractors has the engineering expertise to do the job- on time- and within budget.

New York Cabling Contractors also has atechnology that allows you to get gigabit ethernet speeds using Wideband switches without re-wiring- saving your company thousands or dollars or more.

Gigabit Ethernet Without Rewiring - WideBand has been a leading manufacturer of Gigabit-over-copper networking since 1994 and was a developer of the first pre-standard products. When the standard began to be formed, WideBand president Dr. Roger E. Billings was an active member of the steering committee that developed the technologies found in today’s IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet. Many of the underlying technologies of the standard, including the method for full duplex transmission and the elimination of data collisions, were originally developed at WideBand.

WideBand products are made in the USA to the highest quality standards and possess a uniquely robust signal that allows full Gigabit bandwidth even on less than perfect installs of Category 5 and 5e cabling. Connections up to 200 meters on Category 5 cable and 100 meters over Category 3 cable. To show signal headroom, WideBand Gigabit products are even demonstrated working over barbed wire!


Whether your company is a small or medium-sized business or large, corporate enterprise, make your migration to Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet faster and easier with these products from Wideband, Allied Telesyn, Telco Systems, Netgear,Intel and Cisco. All our gigabit ethernet switches are tested for proven interoperability. With Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking products from Intel and Cisco, it's simple to bring the performance of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet to your servers, desktops and storage networks .

WideBand Corporation has developed a line of Ethernet Products that operate 100 Meters over standard Category 5 cable. There is no longer any need to rewire with Cat 5E before upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet.

With the layer 2 patented switching technology from Wideband, you can get LAN Gigabit Ethernet performance - without rewiring. Yes- you can get Gigabit Ethernet over CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e- as long as you maintain your EIA-TIA distances of not over 90 meters- per cable run.

Call us for addtional information on this technology- You will be more than amazed.

High-Speed, Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switching
Now you can enjoy full Layer 3, Gigabit functionality at an affordable price. The Wideband Managed Gigabit Switch provides maximum throughput and flexibility for demanding networks, with all the Layer 3 features you expect. This 10/100/1000 switch addresses today's high-performance requirements, while providing the control you need – and the future proofing you want. Wideband Switches are ideal as a backbone for 10/100 switches, SAN- or Terrabit Server transport servers, Gigabit servers, or as the robust core of a demanding, all-Gigabit network.

Wideband Switches can be used to inexpensively off-load routers that are segmenting your network and lay the groundwork for new IP-based services. Layer 3 routing combined with Quality of Service, bandwidth provisioning and access control features enable Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, video conferencing, and other cost-saving applications.

Wideband Switches provide Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switching over both Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed switching functionality. Its high-performance design offers a comprehensive set of features:

  • Routing: IPv4 routing at wire speed, with up to 512 routes per unit; VRRP (IP redundancy), ICMP, RIP I and RIP II, OSPF2**, and DHCP/BOOTP relay
  • Switching: Port trunking, broadcast storm protection, extensive VLAN support, IGMP snooping, Rapid Spanning Tree, and link aggregation
  • Quality of Service: DiffServ, access control lists, and bandwidth provisioning
Wideband Switches provide the connection flexibility of 24 Copper Gigabit ports, and four small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules, sold separately. All ports are auto-negotiating and support Auto Uplink™ technology.

Wideband Switches provides powerful, high-performance data routing and forwarding via 24 auto-sensing, auto-negotiating, Gigabit Ethernet ports. 24 ports are copper Gigabit Ethernet, with four ports offering optional hot-swappable SFP slots, enabling fiber connections.

Non- Blocking Easier Network Management
All the Wideband Switches are simple to set up and use, with an intuitive browser interface for easy configuration. Choose from two management interface options – an easy-to-follow, browser-based interface, and a command line interface, available through console or Telnet. Configuration files can be loaded and saved using TFTP, reducing the need for on-site administration.

A comprehensive set of Layer 3 features provides strong functionality in any network. For example, RIP routing for smaller networks and OSPF2 routing for larger, more complex networks. The Wideband Switches help maximize your network capabilities – and your return on investment.

Cost Effective
Call us after reading the technical data. For less than half of the cost of some of our competitor's switches, you will get the latest technology and not even have to rewire to get Gigabit Ethernet.

Upgrading FDDI to Gigabit Ethernet

New York Cabling Contractors is a certified design-build reseller of MRV switches and also offers a FDDI- Gigabit Ethernet migration solution.The Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) protocol has been in common use in network backbones for a decade. FDDI provides a shared 100Mbps connection amongst many nodes using a ring topology. In most cases, individual hosts are connected to this backbone through bridges that attach many 10Mbps Ethernet connections to the 100Mbps FDDI backbone. FDDI allows ring-length to be up to 2km in distance, over multimode fiber-optic cabling, and is in common use in campus Enterprise backbones, especially in the government and financial industries. Most installations also use a redundant ring for backup purposes.

As application bandwidth has grown over the last decade, FDDI networks have been unable to scale to match the requirements. Today it is necessary to have well over 100Mbps on the network backbone, and so switched Gigabit Ethernet is a common choice to leave room for future growth. Unfortunately, the distance limitation over multimode fiber using Gigabit Ethernet is 550m, when using standard fiber-optic interface types.

MRV has developed a unique technology, Gigabit Multimode Extension (GMX), which actually couples enough power into multimode fiber to run Gigabit Ethernet to distances of well over 2km. This simple yet powerful technology actually allows Gigabit Ethernet to be a drop-in replacement for FDDI. Without GMX, the network infrastructure must be replaced; that is, multimode fiber-optic cabling must be switched to single-mode fiber-optic cabling. In addition, typical single-mode Gigabit Ethernet prices are much higher than GMX prices, allowing both a cost-elimination in the fiber-optic cabling and a cost-reduction in the network equipment itself. MRV's OptiSwitch family of switching and routing products, as well as the FiberDriver line of physical layer products provide GMX technology to bypass the limits of traditional multimode fiber.

Gigabit Ethernet technology by itself does not provide the ring-redundancy that FDDI provides, however MRV offers a wide range of standards-based redundancy protocols, including Rapid Spanning Tree for a fast fail-over to backup fiber-optic connections. Since typical FDDI networks have 2 fiber-optic pairs running from each device to the next in the ring, it is quite simple to use redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections. MRV also provides optical fail-over equipment to protect the individual fiber-optic connections and cables. Optionally, the network administrator can choose to use Link Aggregation technology instead of redundancy technology to interconnect the devices. Using Link Aggregation, the fail-over capability still exists, but the secondary link is kept active to supply extra backbone bandwidth.

When upgrading from FDDI to Gigabit Ethernet, one must be sure to check the fiber-optic distances and make decisions about what kind of topology and redundancy to implement. If the distances from device to device are small enough, standard Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-SX) technology is sufficient. For larger distances, MRV provides the unique GMX technology to extend each link up to 2km. MRV equipment also provides a wide range of topologies and redundancy protocols, either at Layer-2 or Layer-3, allowing a seamless upgrade to connect the 10Mbps, or even 100Mbps end-stations to a Gigabit Ethernet backbone. This solution removes the backbone bottleneck and even allows room for future growth without any change to the network infrastructure.

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