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New York Cabling ContractorsCommunications offers the finest in the latest in network security systems for homes and business including Biometric Facial Security Systems.Equipped with our state-of-the-art structured cabling systems, New York Cabling Contractors can provide the ultimate in home and business security. We utilize the latest EIA/TIA COAX, RG 6, RG58, CAT 5e and CAT 6 standardized cables for our installations.

New York Cabling Contractors has teamed up with AWT to offer leading video and biometric security security systems and solutions for business, government, and military applications. For a complete description of our facial biometric solutions please visit our biometric pages.

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Benefits of AWT's 3D Facial Recognition Access Control Solution include:

  • Non-Intrusive technology (employees do not have to touch anything)
  • Enrollment in the system takes less than a minute with verification taking less than a second.
  • One system can control 200 doors and 20,000 users, with the ability to expand the system
  • Can be easily added to an existing card access control system
  • Creates a visual event log every time a user interacts with the system with date/time stamp, which entrance they used, the name of the cardholder, and a real-time photograph of the person
  • Has options for Door Held Open, Loitering and Tailgating Alarms
  • Regenerates the user's biometric template every time a user interacts with the system, learning to better recognize that person the next time they use the system. This means that aging, facial hair, and glasses are not a factor.

Law Enforcement Solutions
Every year, thousands of inmates are mistakenly released from jail. This is not unusual considering that 60% of most career criminals have multiple alias' and several valid drivers licenses from different states confirming these false identities. For most officers, it's very difficult to really know who they are arresting.

In order to combat this problem,New York Cabling Contractors/AWT's Law Enforcement Solutions focus on Identity Management and Verification when being booked and upon release. AWT utilizes the Geometrix© FaceVision™ system for it's Identity Management and Verification. For more information on this system, click here. Even if the person has provided a false identity, if they have been arrested in the county before and are in the 3D database, they will be identified. The system will even display all previous bookings with the information provided at the time of the arrest.

At the Adult Detention Facility in Cobb County, GA, AWT's 3D Facial Recognition System creates a 3D Biometric Template of every inmate booked into their facility. Upon release, the system uses that template to verify that the correct inmate is being released. The system at Cobb County currently has over 40,000 inmates enrolled in their system and have not had an erroneous release since the system was installed in April 2004.

Although Prisoner Processing is at the core of the AWT Law Enforcement Solutions, 3D Facial Recognition Technology has numerous other applications in Law Enforcement including:

An example of 3D Image created with the Geometrix FaceVision 200 system.ATEK/ AWT is an authorized reseller of the Geometrix FaceVision System

D-Link, the worldwide leader in innovative home and business networking, sets a new standard for broadband router performance with the Express EtherNetwork DI-804HV.

The DI-804HV is a 4-port Ethernet Broadband Router with VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities. The VPN feature allows users to securely connect multiple computers over the Internet. It also features 10/100Mbps Auto MDIX Ethernet ports allowing CAT 5 cable (straight-through or crossover) to work with the DI-804HV.

D-Link is pleased to introduce its latest product in broadband Internet videophone technology. The i2eye™ DVC-2000 Broadband VideoPhone is a full-featured desktop videoconferencing device with a built-in 5" color LCD screen. Since the DVC-2000 is a standalone device, you do not need a computer or television to videoconference over the Internet.

Using advanced video compression technology, the DVC-2000 maximizes the image and audio quality within the available bandwidth. It can send and receive video at up to 30 frames per second to deliver real-time audio and video.

The DVC-2000's unique Auto IP Mapping feature makes initiating a videoconference call over the Internet as simple as dialing a phone number. Instead of identifying your DVC-2000 by an IP address, you will assign it a "phone number" of your choice. As incoming i2eye callers dial that phone number, a remote directory service provided by D-Link (at no charge) automatically converts it into your i2eye's corresponding IP address.


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