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Our Smart Home Systems create one consolidation point for distribution and management of all low voltage connectivity in your home or small office. The Definition of a Smart Home is always evolving and improving. We expect more and get more from our Smart Homes Technologies

The Smart Wired Home, once a novelty, has become essential. The Smart Home Cabling now provides crucial access to advances such as high-speed Internet, digital cable and data networking. All these advances that are becoming vital to functioning in the digital age.

Smart Home Systems use an advanced, standards-compliant star topology to create one convergence point in your home for all media and home electronics distribution. In other words, all your communications, security controls, entertainment, Internet, computers, fax and telephones are wired to one “central location”.

Use this system to manage existing and emerging technologies in your home, and establish a modular infrastructure for future innovations that will not only increase a home’s current value, but ensure its long-term viability. This is especially important when you are reselling your home in the future.

If you are building a new home and do not incorporate the “Smart Cabling” technologies, you will be sacrificing several things. First the cost of adding the “Smart Cable” in the future will be much more expensive.

 Smart Home Technology

    • One consolidation point for voice/data/audio/video services.
    • Media Enclosures in sizes from 14" to 42" in length, and two piece Construction Ring style.
    • Enclosures recess or surface-mount for new constructions or retrofits.
    • Wire a home or office for current and future technologies.
    • Wide assortment of Voice/Data, Networking, Audio, Video, Power and Security modules available, including Pre-configured Structured Cabling Panels with multimedia feature combinations.
    • Two-piece construction-ring enclosure for MDU’s and installations with substantial time between rough-in and trim-out.