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The " Fiber To The Home " concept has finally become a reality and after years of successful fiber optic installations, fiber optic field trials & technological advances, the concept of installing Fiber Optic Cable To The Home is becoming a reality. There are many successful installations that show that fiber optics can deliver bundled or individual data, voice and video circuits more efficiently to the home by using a fiber optic cable- than any other medium. Fiber Optic Cable is able to deliver a mulititude of data, voice and video services to the home more efficiently-and securely-versus traditional copper transport mediums. We are all aware of slow dial-up frustrations and DSL outages, and coax cable issues (Broadband-Cable TV). Once fiber optics are deployed as an end to end solution- all these inherent problems associated with copper /coax based transport factilities will virtually disappear.


Our FTTX Business Modeling Tool includes:

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX- Extensive ROI modeling engine "

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Architectures supported "
- Point-to-Point/Active
- Hybrid Fiber BPL or WiFi

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Supports phased market rollouts "

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Wide range of user-definable inputs "
- Revenue streams
- CapEx
- Installation labor
- OpEx (operations and service provider)

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Board Ready Outputs "
- Full financial model
- ROI, net income, cash flow
- Bill of materials

Fiber optic cable's cost effectiveness over the long term will also insure continued growth in the telecommunications industry by delivering the ultimate in speed, service and security. It's the same type of undertaking that was done by the cable companies in the early '80s to upgrade their-outdated cable tv networks. As late as the 1960's-1970's, in some areas in the cable companies even used "barbed wire" to deliver their cable service.

At this time the current condition of existing telephone and cable networks is at best marginal as we all experience the constant DSL and cable modem "breakdowns". The copper telephone cables are slowly nearing the end of their useful life- as some of them have been in the ground for over 60-70 years. We all know what happens to copper kettles- the same thing happens to the copper cables- and the ends of those cables that are exposed to air- get wet and corroded. Furthermore, the actual cable components are aging, corroding- and are simply becoming obsolete. Telephone companies are being pushed by the consumer to deliver the basic Internet services that homeowners require. The only proven method is to invest in fiber optic technology. The need for additional"bandwidth" in the delivery of "content" and "services" to the home is also a key force in this growing market .

AtNew York Cabling Contractors, we believe building fiber optic cable networks to the home is the next major growth market. After years of field trials, lowered fiber optic costs and increased efficiency in delivering services in the actual fiber optic network, the timing is right to invest in this area.New York Cabling Contractors as a supplier offers several complete end to end fiber optic systems complete end to end solutions for fiber to the home proejcts. ATS as a value added supplier can offer several separate solutions to a developer or home builder- unlike a single source manufacturer that will only "sell' their 'solutions'. ATS will work with you to provide you the best possible equipment at the best possible price.Besides Fiber To The Home equipment, we can offer consulting and other resources to developers and municipalities interested in the Fiber To The Home technology.

We always welcome working with developers, builders, contractors, CLEC's, Carriers and the Regional Bell Operating companies (RBOC's) in providing the fiber optic equipment, fiber optic cable, and fiber optic switching equipment for all your "Fiber To The Home Needs".

Please see below all the waysNew York Cabling Contractors can assist you:

New York Cabling Contractors Communications can become your sole source or added value partner in supplying the equipment (at wholesale costs) for the fiber to the home project.

We have recently teamed up with a Certified MWBE/DV woman owned company and can now offer you the WBE requirements required by law. We can provide you with everything from the singlemode/multimode fiber optic cable, OSP ducting, fiber optic jumpers, fiber optic panels, fiber optic switching equipment, fiber vaults, fiber transmission equipment- including CWDM and WDM technology, to the connectors and on premise equipment that attaches to the outside of home. We will provide your company with all your materials delivered in a timely and courteous fashion- right to the jobsite.

New York Cabling Contractors Communications can become your engineering partner to develop an effective fiber to the home solution for developers and home builders to city planners.



We will provide you with a comprehensive plan to deliver fiber to the home services to your customers even if you will use your own service personnel to deploy the equipment.

New York Cabling Contractors can offer logistical assistance in implementing fiber to the home services. We can refer or "partner" your organization to the specific manufacturers, service providers, and installation companies that most closely match your needs.

We can offer you complete consulting services where to buy the products, a variety of manufacturer vendors offering fiber to the home products, recommendations which contractors to work with, and how to build out the network. We can also help refer you to the proper regulatory agencies if you are wanting to become a CLEC/BLEC. A CLEC is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier which is regulated by the State PUC or Public Utilities Commission. New York Cabling Contractors can provide you with complete fiber to the home consultancy at affordable rates.

Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Build out the underground the fiber optic infrastructure, Install the switching and billing equipment - Can build the entire billing and switching center - Install and be able to deploy basic telephone service, long distance service, DSL, T-1, video, cable, satellite, and security services.

A developer can greatly expand their control and profit margins by teaming with our company. As a developer you will be able to expand your financial resources significantly by offering a multitude of voice, data, and video services to the homeowner for however long he or she owns the home. The key is to be able to first install, thereby you own and manage your own underground or fiber optic infrastructure in a community. Once someone other than the developer installs the infrastructure, the company that installed that equipment owns that "right of way' and it becomes very difficult at that time for the developer to get a foothold in the services sector. The key is to be the first and only provider of the infrastructure in your particular community. Once this is done-Your organization then become the "phone company" for your community. Please call us ffor additional information.

New York Cabling Contractors offers design-build capability to build the entire network from the central office (or headend) right to the home.


New York Cabling Contractors can offer all of the above services in one bundle. We can provide the developer or city planner assistance in any or all of the above services.

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Definition "

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the ideal fiber-optics architecture. In this architecture, fiber deployment is carried all the way to the customer's home (premises). Fiber Optic service to the home is the fastest, most reliable and secure method and far surpasses anything that Broadband or "wireless" could ever even dream of. Many people never know that today's vast cellular and wireless network runs and "communicates"via a fiber optic backbone. This is the only way such vast amounts of data can be transported from caller to caller -quickly and securely.

" Fiber To The Home- FTTX-Overview "

Today it seems that everyone wants high-speed data, dependable voice service, and high-quality video. Whether these services are delivered by digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modems, or wireless architectures is insignificant as long as the service is fast and dependable.

Providing these services, however, presents a number of challenges, including how to get lines out to each customer and how to future-proof the architecture put into the ground today. This tutorial will address one possible solution, which is a fiber-optics architecture called FTTH. There are other terms being used by the telecommunications community such as FTTC or "fiber to the curb" -but the term FTTH has overtaken most others as the "final solution" to delivering high speed communicatgions seamlessly over one medium- fiber optics.

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