Fiber Optic Cable

New York Cabling Contractors EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION

New York Cabling Contractors is currently looking for trained technicians in:

Telephone System Installations

Structured Cabling Installations

Network Integration/Installation

Wireless-WIFI Installations


Fiber Optic Cable and Connector Installations

Central Office Installations

Headend- CATV

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Fiber Optic Testing Equipment

New York Cabling Contractors also offers fiber opic testing. New York Cabling Contractors can assist your organization whether you need central office testing or outside plant singlemode splicing. For example, there are two methods to measure test loss, single-ended loss and double-ended loss. Single-ended loss works by using only the launch cable while the double-ended loss works by using a received cable attached to the meter also. All our technicians are certified by the manufacturers we represent to perform the tests.